Trusted & Secure VPN Service


30% Goes Directly to Good Causes

38 Global Locations

Unlimited download

Openvpn UDP/TCP, IKEv2, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP

5 devices per account

No logs

P2P allowed

1 & 10 Gbps port servers

Your IP Address is known: 

Country: GB United Kingdom   


Protects your online identity and data


Simple to use - Easy to set up


Ultra Fast server Connections

Privacy and Security Online

Military-grade encryption
Protecting data travelling to and from users, servers and devices with cutting-edge security technologies.

No-logs policy
No Customer data, online activity or browsing history is monitored, gathered or exposed.

High speed connection
Enjoy secure streaming experience, gaming, fast downloading, with no compromise on internet privacy and security

Sign Up and Make a Difference

Signing up to a Social Enterprise VPN Service, automatically means 30% of your payment goes directly to good causes.


No Contract



Pay Monthly – No Commitment

When you don’t want the service let us know

Frequently asked questions

“VPN” stands for Virtual Private Network.

Using a VPN is a secure way of accessing the internet while keeping your connection private.

Internet privacy is important, a VPNs establish a virtual connection between your device and the internet, all your data is then encrypted and sent through a VPN tunnel, thus providing you with complete online digital privacy.

VPN works by routing internet service connections through chosen VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks) Normally all traffic would route through your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

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We believe the right assistive technology – sometimes called ‘access’ or ‘adaptive’ technology – can help your child learn and play, just like everyone else. There is a lot of great work going on across the public, private and voluntary sectors to help people and organisations go online, but digital exclusion remains a big issue. Digital skills can help people land a well-paid career with long-term security.
For Further Information please see Good Causes

Why a social enterprise vpn?

Unlike traditional VPN providers our service gives something back.  Our environmental objectives and business model ensure we provide benefits to communities. We also reach socially excluded people by providing volunteer, training and employment opportunities.

By signing up today you will be making a difference

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