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Assistive technology

We believe the right assistive technology – sometimes called ‘access’ or ‘adaptive’ technology – can help your child learn and play, just like everyone else.
That’s why we help children and young people access a world of technology designed to suit their vision impairment, from computer equipment to Braille devices. And we may even be able to help you fund it.

What is assistive technology

Assistive technology includes laptops, tablets and computers, Braille devices, magnifying equipment, speech software, and multi-sensory items. Using adaptive tech can help young people with sight loss live life to the full at home, at school, or at university, and to do this we are donating 30% of each monthly purchase

Digital inclusivity

There is a lot of great work going on across the public, private and voluntary sectors to help people and organisations go online, but digital exclusion remains a big issue. Maintaining momentum is not enough.

We need to bring together and scale up our efforts, more than ever before. No single organisation can tackle this alone and only strong partnership across all sectors will succeed.

That is why our Digital Inclusion Strategy is dedicated to supporting partners from the public, private and voluntary to reduce digital exclusion.

We believe that the future is digital and to drive this every household needs access to technology and to do this we are donating 30% of each monthly purchase towards the purchase of equipment to assist with this.


Digital skills can help people land a well-paid career with long-term security. But accessing the training needed to get started is often costly. That’s why the Digital Future Fund has been created, to help people on lower incomes, with barriers to work or looking to re-skill due to the impact on employment of the Covid-19 crisis, gain skills in software development and cyber security.

There is a digital career for everyone. It could be games development or coding, healthcare, or tourism. The skills that people already have can help them get a job in the digital sector.

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